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Frequently Asked Questions

The future

What's planned for the future of Ski Tours in the Sierra Nevada?

You will see tours added on a regular basis to Ski Tours in the Sierra Nevada. The goal is to have approximately 400 tours posted as soon as possible. The tours will be added area by area though some exceptions will occur. There will also be an emphasis on adding tours that have not been described previously in books. Subscribe to What's New? to keep up-to-date on additions to Ski Tours in the Sierra Nevada.

Time permitting, more photos will be added, and this website will expand in other directions aimed at creating a great resource for the backcountry ski community.

Computer problems

The navigation bar does not work. What's wrong?

The most likely reason is that the default for your browser is set to not allow scripts. This means that the Javascript that controls the navigation bar will not work. Other features of the website will also not work.

By default, Firefox allows scripts, but Internet Explorer does not. IE does this as an added security protection. If you are using IE, when you open a web page that uses a script you can click on the yellow bar at the top to allow blocked content. The alternative is to change the browser security settings (not advised).

To change the security settings (not advised), open Internet Explorer, click on "Tools," click on "Internet Options," and select the "Security" tab. Reduce the security level until scripts are allowed.

Why does it take so long for a tour to load?

The time to load a tour, or any web page for that matter, depends primarily on the speed of your internet access and the size of the web page you are attempting to load. The speed of your computer, that is the central processing unit (CPU) and the video board, will have little affect unless you are using a very old machine.

The maps used in the tours are higher resolution than most images used on a website. This is necessary because the contour lines are fine and the higher resolution provides reasonably good print quality. Take a few minutes to read the "How to Use This Guide" in order to get the best possible experience when using Ski Tours in the Sierra Nevada.

How can I adjust my monitor so that the entire tour description and map, including scroll bars, are visible at the same time?

In order for you to see the tour description and map, including the scroll bars and the buttons at the bottom, the monitor must be set up to display 1024 x 768 pixels (or greater) AND you must maximize the browser window so that it fills the entire screen. Consult your computer's "help" to determine how to adjust the monitor resolution. Very small or some old monitors may not provide this resolution.

The display does not look good when I use "print preview." What's the problem?

Most of the oddities that you see with "print preview" will not show up when you actually print. Give it a try. Let us know if the results are poor.

There are a few details related to the printing of the tour descriptions that are not perfect. For example, the vertical positioning of the title may be poor relative to the logo. Also the text in the summary is small. We are aware of these and other issues. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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