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Ski Tours in the Sierra Nevada is a comprehensive collection of ski tours. I consider this a work in progress; it will never be finished. My goal is to make available through the internet information that was once only available by purchasing a series of books and ensure that it remains available to the public and up-to-date.

Although I grant that it has some drawbacks, the digital medium is ideal for a reference that is by design continually expanding, improving and changing. The internet is also an ideal medium through which people can contribute to expanding and improving this guide. I hope that you will consider getting involved both as a contributor and as an advocate for protecting winter wildlands for muscle-powered winter recreation.

Please take a few minutes to at least scan the "How To Use This Guide" section before diving into the tour descriptions; doing so will make your visit to Ski Tours in the Sierra Nevada more enjoyable.

I sincerely hope that Ski Tours in the Sierra Nevada provides you with information that leads to many wonderful winter adventures in the Sierra's backcountry.

Marcus Libkind

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