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Snowlands Network and
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Do you revel in the adventure and joys that come from backcountry skiing? Whether you do so for the exhilaration, the solitude or both, you should be aware that there are snowmobilers, commercial and private, that would love to run rampant over the lands you cherish.

Snowlands Network is the only dedicated voice for protecting the winter backcountry in California and Nevada. I urge you to support them through your membership.

You spend many hundreds of dollars on equipment. What good will it do if there is nowhere to use it? Without Snowlands Network many of the tours in this guide will be overrun by snowmobiles next year and in the years to come. Your membership in Snowlands Network costs little, but can do so much good when combined with the power of many.

Don't be short-sighted. Don't think that one member more or less will not make a difference. You will make a difference because "our" power to protect and promote positive changes comes from adding one new member at a time. What you have today may be gone tomorrow without support from you and others like you. But "together we can make a difference!"

Winter Wildlands Alliance is similar to Snowlands Network except they advocate for you on the national level. They work hand-in-hand with Snowlands Network and other regional grassroots organizations. Take a few minutes and join both today!

Your future in the winter backcountry is in "your" hands.

Marcus Libkind

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