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Tragedy Spring
to Silver Lake
Via Ridge and Option 2

The waypoints for this tour are provided for your convenience. They were calculated using National Geographic's TOPO! software. The data was not verified in the field. Locations of landmarks, e.g. huts, that are not shown on topographic maps are especially subject to error. Use this data at your own risk. Remember, there is no substitute for map and compass navigation skills.

The datum used is the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83)
This datum is essentially equivalent to WGS84

1 10S 748770 4280459 7951
2 10S 749038 4280913 7872
3 10S 749024 4282232 7739
4 10S 748818 4283458 7582
5 10S 748817 4283828 7475
6 10S 749423 4284417 7170
7 10S 750375 4283855 7275

The waypoint data is also provided in TXT and GPX file formats. The files were created using TOPO!. You can import the data back into TOPO! or into any program compatible with these file formats. Some programs, such as TOPO!, allow you to transfer the waypoints to GPS units. Consult your computer software and GPS manuals for information on compatibility and procedures.

Download Waypoint Data

Link to download waypoint data in txt format     Link to download waypoint data in gpx format

More information about waypoint data files